The Wiccan Cosmology

Jennifer Hunter’s take on cosmology explained.

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Jennifer Hunter writes about the Wiccan Divine and the cosmological worldview of Wiccans in her book 21st Century Wicca.

  • The Creator and what has been created are not separate.

What it means is, instead of a withdrawn father-figure who exists in a separate state from the physical world, most Wiccans believe in an ever-present Divine that exists in the physical earth realm, in form of a consciousness or a power. Since the Devine is present in all, Wiccans tend to look at creation as a process – the universe is consistently dying and being reborn. These cycles of existence can be as mighty as the universe itself or as tiny as a day in the life of human being.

  • Everything is connected.

This is another very pantheistic world view that most Wiccans also subscribe to. Everything a human being does, is connected to other events in universe; no event happens in isolation. This could be one of the major reasons why so many neopagans and witches are environmentalists: we have a personal responsibility for not only how we affect eachother, but also how we affect our nature.

  • We are personally close and linked to the Divine.

Wiccans can be pantheistic, panantheistic, duotheistic and polytheistic. Or all of the above at once. Most Wiccans view the Divine as a God and a Goddess, both equally important to create life. But since the universe and its powers are limitless, so is the Divine. By pure necessity, the Divine is limited and categorized by most Wiccans, into pantheons of Gods and Goddesses – each symbolizing different facets of the Divine Diamond, so to speak. This is also why no external book or priest is necessary to reach the Deities.

  • Sexuality is sacred, so are our bodies.

As Wiccans express their sexuality, they believe they come closer to the Deities by acting in a creative fashion – much like the Deities. We are sexual beings simply by being born, since sexuality holds one of the greatest mysteries: the ability to create life. Shared by consenting adults, sexuality is one way of expressing the creative forces of the Deities, to express the union of the God and the Goddess. This can be done on one’s own or with a partner of any gender.

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Raven’s Eye


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