While both Satanism and Luciferianism share the same association with the Christian term “the Devil”, Luciferians regard themselves as separate from the Satanists.

Differences from Satanism

From the Luciferian point of view, Satanists are primarily focused on carnal desires and the physical state of man. Luciferians regard Lucifer as an enlightened and spiritual being. And while Luciferians do not deny the pleasures to be had as a human being, they acknowledge greater and more spiritual goals.

Many Luciferians see Lucifer and Satan as representations of the same being; the rebellious and material side is Satan and the more enlightened, spiritual side is Lucifer.

Luciferians also tend to regard Satanists as too dependent on the Christian morals and belief system, seeing as Satanists are embracing wealth and sexuality simply because the Church has traditionally condemned those things. Luciferians do not regard their own actions as rebellious but rather that they hold their own merit.

Luciferians embrace spirituality while LaVeyan Satanists heavily distance themselves from all notions of spirituality. Luciferians embrace a focus on body, mind, and even spirit.

Luciferians also put more focus on the balance between the light and the dark forces.

Similarities with Satanism

Both Satanism and Luciferianism are highly individual paths, with much less dogma than common religions. It is worth noting that neither Satanists nor Luciferians share the same view of Satan or Lucifer as Christianity – the worship of a true evil is something only a psychopath would indulge in.

There are no set rules for either group, however there are a few general ideas shared.

  • You are your own god

This is the basic principle of both Satanism and Luciferianism. Man is the master of the physical domain. If a Luciferian believes in a literal Lucifer (a theistic Luciferian) he is more inclined to pay respect to Lucifer rather than idol-worship him.

  • Base set of ethics

Neither Luciferians nor Satanists believe in turning the other cheek. Kindness is given to those who deserve it and revenge is handed out as needed. If a random person has caused no grief, then both Luciferians and Satanists leave said person be.

  • Support the individual

Creativity, excellence, success, freedom and enjoyment is supported and highly encouraged while rejecting the dogma of organized religion.

  • Christianity is the antagonist

Both Satanists and Luciferians regard the Christian church as an enemy, but often not the actual Christians, who are regarded prisoners of their own religious views.

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