What is Magick?

Magick explained.

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What on earth is magick?

Magick is the art of using and directing energy towards change according to one’s personal will. One might use magick for various purposes but one of the aims is to train an inexperienced mind to access its higher faculties such as intuition, inspiration and creative imagination.[1]

Believing in magick, by a spiritual paradigm, assumes the belief in non-physical energies which can be manipulated. Or, if you take on a more psychological, less spiritual approach: magick is created by changing one’s reality by positive willpower.

The concept of Will is a strong one in magick as well. Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. The Will is the function that creates a bridge between the physical world and our mental and spiritual realms. Will is another word for “persistence and maintained attention”[2], to quote E.E. Rehmus. Rehmus goes on to explain how us humans have two methods for altering reality: one is will and the other one is imagination, both tightly linked.

How can we use magick?

In today’s society the common citizen is passive. The streets are all built and owned by other people and the city presents no struggle or high odds to overcome, thus making even the hardiest individual a passive one. But there is hope. By using magickal techniques, on can cultivate, strengthen and exercise one’s true Will.

The most basic techniques are based around concentrating and direction energy. There are also more physical exercises to strengthen one’s Will: yoga, dance and massage tends to open up energy canals in the physical body as well as increase the ability to focus and concentrate.

Magick also deals with symbolism; working with the symbols of a certain energy tends to attract that type of energy. This is called sympathetic magick.

In the end, do not try too hard to intellectualize Magick – it is something to be exercised and practised to fully understand.

Why spell Magick with a ‘k’ at the end?

This is simply to distinguish the art and science of imposing one’s will on reality, from the stage magicians who perform illusions. Magick is not about illusions, but about the REAL DEAL.

Doesn’t this make magick evil?

It all depends on your moral outlook and your religious paradigm, but magick in and by itself is not evil. Most witches and magicians draw a line of what type of spells and rituals they are willing to perform on the behalf of others and themselves. Some view love spells as something positive and loving, and will gladly perform them. Some others, such as myself, view love spells as something that is imposing your will upon another, and love spells is thereby in the same category as hexes and curses: intrusive magick.

Note: I, personally, use intrusive magick since I do not believe in the Three-fold karmic retribution, but if your moral system advises you not to use intrusive magick at all, then – by all means – stay away from it.


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The Magician’s Dictionary, E. E. Rehmus


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