Wicca: Tools of the Craft

Tools of the Wiccan craft.

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This is a list of tools used by practitioners of Wicca.

The Primary tools

  • Wand

The wand represents the element of air in Gardnerian Wicca (some other traditions equate the wand with the element of fire). The wand is traditionally used to call upon elemental spirits.

  • Chalice

The chalice (or goblet, or cup) represents the element of Water. Chalices usually contain wine (or non-alcoholic beverages for those who don’t drink alcohol). It also represents the female/feminine energy and is associated with the womb of the Goddess.

  • Athame

The ritual knife of Wicca is called an athame and represents the element of fire in Gardnerian Wicca (some other traditions equate the athame with the element of air). The athame is used to direct energy, such as during the casting of magickal circles. It also represents the male/masculine energy.

  • Pentacle

The Pentacle is often a disc with the pentagram inscribed and is used to represent the element of Earth. Other symbols can be used such as the triquetra or Goddess symbols. It is used to charge things that is placed upon it and also to consecrate other items. It represents the female/feminine energy.

Other tools

  • Besom

A traditional broom, most used for sweeping away negative energy.

  • Boline

A white-handled knife, used for carving and cutting into candles and herbs, and the like – something you do traditionally not do with athame.

  • Censer and incense

A heat-proof container for incense. Used to symbolize the element of air.

  • Cauldron

Represents the gift of birth-death-rebirth, also a representation of knowledge and inspiration. The cauldron is a female aspect and symbolizes the element of water.


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