Tarot: Major Arcana

Correspondences for the Major Arcana.

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A list of correspondences for Raider-Waite style decks.




    1. Magician

Taking action, consciousness, concentration, power

Passive, cloudy mind, mental illness

    1. High Priestess

Non-active, unconscious, potential, mystery

Passion, conceit

    1. The Empress

Mothering, abundance, senses, Nature and Earth

Difficulty, doubt, lack of senses

    1. The Emperor

Fathering, structure, authority, regulation

Disharmony, immaturity

    1. The Heirophant

Education/knowledge, belief, conformity, group ID

Over-kindness, weakness

    1. Lovers

Relationship, sexuality, personal belief, values

Isolation, plans falling apart

    1. Chariot

Victory, will, self-assertion, hard control

Riot, war, troubles

    1. Strength

Empathy, Patience, compassion, soft control

Abuse of power

    1. Hermit

Introspection, guidance, solitude, searching

Fear, disguise, hiding

    1. Wheel of fortune

Destiny, turning point, movement, vision and outlook

Stagnation, superfluity

    1. Justice

Ethics, responsibilities, decisions, cause and effect

Bigotry, bias, severity

    1. The Hanged Man

Letting go, reversal, suspension, martyrdom

Selfishness, body politics

    1. Death

Ending, transition, elimination, inevitability

Inertia, sleep, lethargy

    1. Temperance

Moderation, balance, health, combining forces

Disunion, competing forces

    1. The Devil

Enslavation, materialism, ignorance, hopelessness

Fatality, weakness, blindness

    1. The Tower

Sudden change, release, downfall, revelation

Oppression, tyranny

    1. The Star

Hope, inspiration, generousity, serenity

Arrogance, impotence

    1. The Moon

Fear, illusion, imagination, disorientation

Instability, silence

    1. The Sun

Enlightenment, greatness, vitality, assurance

Same but at a lesser degree

    1. Judgement

Hard choices, rebirth, inner calling, absolution

Decision, sentence

    1. The Fool

Beginnings, spontaneous, faith and folly

Apathy, vanity, warnings

    1. The World

Integration, accomplishment, involvement, fulfillment

Stagnation, permanence

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