Tarot: Minor Arcana

Correspondences for the Minor Arcana.

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A list of correspondences for Rider-Waite style decks.

CARD Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
Ace. Potential Creative force, enthusiasm, courage, confidence Emotional force, intuition, intimacy, love Mental force, truth, justice, overcoming obsticles Material force, trust, prosperity, practicality
2. Duality Personal power, boldness, originiality, pioneering Connection, peace, attraction Blocked emotions, stalemate, avoidance Juggling, flexibility, having fun
3. Comm. Exploration, foresight, leadership Energy flow, friendship, community Heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness Teamwork, competence, organisation
4. Stability Celebration, freedom,  excitement Self-absorbtion, apathy, introspection Rest, contemplation, preparation Possessiveness, control, blocked changes
5. Adversity Disagreement, competition, irritation Loss, regret, feeling sorrow Self-interest, discord, open dishonour Hard times, ill health, rejection
6. Growth Triumph, self-importance, recognition Good will, innocence, childhood Sadness, recovery, travel/relocation Resources, knowledge, power
7. Faith Aggression, defiance, conviction Fantasies, options, procrastination Running away, lone-wolf, hidden dishonour Assesment, reward, change of direction
8. Change Quick action, news, conclusiuon Deeper meaning, weariness, moving on Restriction, confusion, powerlessness Diligence, detail-orientation, knowledge
9. Fruitions Defensiveness, stamina, perseverence Wish fulfillment, satisfaction, pleasure Anxiety, remorse, despair Discipline, refinement, self-reliance
10. Completion Overextension, burdens, struggles Happiness, peace, looking to the family Lowest point, victim mentality, sacrifice Affluence, permanence, conventionality
Page – Messages Be creative, enthusiastic, confident, courageous Be emotional, loving, intimate, loving Be reasonable, just, truthful, tenacious Be practical, trusting, prosperous, active
Knight – Motion Charming – superficial, Daring – foolhardy, Passionate – hot-tempered Romantic – emotional, Sensitive – tempered, Imaginative – fanciful Direct – blunt, Knowledgable – bossy, Logical – unfeeling Steadfast – stubborn, Thorough – obsessive, Realistic – pessimistic
Queen –
Attractive, energetic, cheerful, self-confident Loving, tender, intuitive, spiritual Honest, fortright, witty, experienced Nurturing, trustworthy, resourceful, warm
King – Authority Creative, inspiring, bold, forceful, charismatic Wise, calm, caring, diplomatic, tolerant Just, ethical, articulate, analytical, intellectual Enterprising, adept, reliable, steady

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