Imbolc – Celebrations 2017

My thoughts on my Imbolc 2017 experience.

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Celebrating Imbolc

One of my spiritual ambitions this year is to follow the Neopagan Wheel of the Year, so yesterday my partner and I celebrated Imbolc.

It has been over 15 years since I self-identified as a Wiccan (I don’t consider myself Wiccan but simply Neopagan these days, but that is a whole different blogpost) and also a Witch – and over five years since I observed the Wheel of the Year closely, but now is the time to rekindle the flame of tradition again.

We started of Imbolc by taking care of mundane business. School and meetings and other things before we got to the actual celebrations. Around noon I started preparing brunch in the form of a fritata, concentrating it around spinach and onions, and incorporated the holiday associated dairy products by adding both halloumi and feta cheese before putting the fritata in the oven for 20 minutes. The preparation was both festive and casual!

Later on during the day, we lit some vanilla incense cones and scented candles. As the darkness became heavier around 5pm, we lit an enormous amount of candles, all around the apartment. Ofcourse, I also lit a special candle for my dear father who passed away in October 2015 – I try to incorporate him in every celebration and ritual throughout my life.

Now was the time for the first of several meditation sessions, me on the couch and my partner on the living room floor. We focused our energy on the coming spring and acknowledging the passing winter. I also contemplated my ancestry. I am half-Karelian and half-Swedish so I thought about the Finnish-Karelian deities and the Maiden aspect of Päivätär, a Sun Goddess in Kaerlia and Finland. Her aspect seemed appropriate to welcome during the meditation. I also got inspired to write an article about Sun Goddesses and Päivätär and decided to jot down some notes later on the evening, after the celebration.

Around 7pm I decided to take a ritual bath in honour of the awakening Sun. I drew a bath with vanilla oil, eucalyptus, and orange peels and soaked for about half an hour. Still in meditative mood. After the bath I got dressed in some of my finer clothing and got dressed slowly, still very much in reverence of the evening.

After some contemplation in the candle light, came dinner time. It was nice to start of a Wheel of the Year celebration in modesty and not going bang, full-on, with a heavier ritual. A fresh spring sallad with dairy products was the primary meal, and some cake for dessert. Refreshed, full and happy we continued our celebration in harmonious quiet for a few hours until we extinguished all the candles, I wrote some notes on Sun Goddesses and we went to bed.

A modest start of Wheel of the Year, but at the very least it is something!

Well met,
Raven’s Eye


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