The Feminine Solar Energies

An article about working with feminine solar energies.

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During meditation on Imbolc 2017, I got the notion to write about Sun Goddesses and the feminine solar energy. Below is the resulting article.

Fire and solar Goddesses

In ancient times, some people honoured a Fire Goddess – the feminine aspect of solar energy. Her name was, among others: Wadjet, the Egyptian snake goddess and daughter of Ra; Brigid, the Irish keeper of the sacred flame; Hestia, the Greek fire goddess of the hearth; Freya, the Norse goddess of fire, and Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun and the universe.

There were also solar Goddesses and lunar Gods, proving that the tradition of equating women with the passive lunar energy is perhaps a much recent concept than we might think.

Some of these solar Goddesses are: Saule, the Baltic goddess of fertility, life and health; Sekhmet, the Lioness huntress of Egypt, and Aine, the Irish goddess representing the spark of life.

There is also an interesting deity in the Karelian-Finnish religion. Päivätär (Maiden of the Day) or Kuutar (Maiden of the Moon) is the goddess of both the sun and the moon, which means she was the same goddess but with two different aspects. She spends her time on a rainbow, spinning sunlight. Päivätär is further described in the Karelian-Finnish national epic, Kalevala, as a strong force of light, wealth and good fortune. She is the breaker of norms and is described as someone who refuses marriage, giving her suitors impossible tasks simply to avoid being wed. Most sun goddesses are connected with gold, but Päivätär is connected to silver. (Kuutar, as the moon goddess, is associated with gold.)

Feminine energy

The universe seeks to find balance. It does so in complementing yet opposing pairs; darkness/light, yin/yang and masculine/feminine. The sun (traditionally considered masculine) and the moon (traditionally considered feminine) are thought to be opposing pairs as well. But like the yin and yang – each half contains something of the other half. The masculine has parts of femininity and the feminine has parts of masculinity.

Women have long been conditioned to be associated with the more passive lunar energy; it is high time to re-connect with the solar feminine energies – instead of simply opting for the solar masculine. Also, being able to work with and understand the different aspects of the energies transforms the energies beyond the traditional dualism and encourages you to make new connections.

The solar feminine expression differs from the traditional lunar associations. Lunar feminine energies are receptive: intuition, listening, nurturing and tending. The solar feminine is active: it is creativity, passion, focus and the pulsating, vibrating energies of the sun.  It is a creative force and is especially important for all creators: musicians, dancers, artists and writers. Traditional solar masculine energy is very different and tends to be more geared towards the mental sphere – producing scientists and business men.

How to work with the feminine solar energy

  • Be creative – Write, draw, dance, work with arts and crafts in any way shape or form. Incorporate the female solar energy into your rituals by engaging in the arts.
  • Be bold – Show of your driven attitude, and dare do be different. Wear Goddess jewellery imbued with the feminine solar energy by charging it near a window.
  • Be focused – Active meditations, mind control techniques go a long way. Meditate on the different Sun and Fire Goddesses and how they can inspire you.
  • Be vibrating – Inspire others with your solar driven feminine energy!


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