Correspondences: Moon Magick

Correspondences for the different phases of the moon.

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Most witches work according to the standard phases of the moon; new moon, waxing, full moon, waning and dark moon. Below are some correspondences.

New Moon

This is the time from three days after the darkest point of the moon. The new moon is great for working with new projects in general. A goddess especially associated with the new moon is Juno.


  • Beauty and health
  • Gardens and farms
  • Job hunting

Waxing Moon

This is the increasing moon, with the horns on the crescent facing left in the sky. This is the time for building up projects you’ve taken on; it’s the time of increase.  This is also the starting time of the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Some may work with Warrior Maidens like Artemis, Diana, Athena or Brigid during this time.


  • Business and money
  • Change
  • Courage
  • Luck

Full Moon Magick

This is the time when the moon is full in the sky. The most potent of all energies. The magick can be performed for about three days before the fullest point. It is also the time of the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Work with Isis, Frigg, Demeter or other Mother Goddesses.


  • Art and competition
  • Beauty and health
  • Love and romance
  • Knowledge
  • Dreams

Waning Moon

This is the decreasing moon, when the horns of the crescent faces right in the sky. This is the time to work on banishings. Get rid of nasty habits and remove old excess mental and emotional baggage. This is also the time of the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess; work with Cerridwen or Nephthys during this phase.


  • Addictions
  • Decisions and patience
  • Stress and protection
  • Divorce

Dark Moon

This is the point when the moon is darkest in the sky, at the end of the lunar cycle. The dark moon is traditionally associated with goddess Hecate. Do you practice curses? Now is the best time to perform them.


  • Enemies
  • Justice and obstacles
  • Release and removal

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