Energy Work: Ground and center

How and why to ground and center.

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Grounding and centering are common techniques used in Pagan/Wiccan witchcraft and magickal work. Other traditions can rely on similar techniques as well.

Grounding is very much linking yourself to present, physical world. While relaxing, focusing on the physical world and creating a deep connection with it helps to keep the mind and spirit grounded.

Centering is a different thing, much more like mindfulness. It’s more about clearing your mind of distractions and focusing on the magickal task at hand. Another important aspect of centering is becoming aware of your own divinity, of being aware of the aspect of the Divine within you. This practice should aid in a feeling a connectedness and oneness with the spiritual world.

These two practices together should help the practitioner to not be thrown of-keel; magickally, mentally or physically.

Note! There are times when you might not want to ground and center. When working on filling objects with magick or when working with your emotions; you might want your emotions close to the surface, and so on. Also, a lot of magickal traditions outside of Paganism do not use the ground and center techniques.

If you so choose to use it: here is an excercise to help you ground and center.

How to Ground and Center

  1. Preparation: Find a quiet space, sit down in a comfortable position and slow down your breathing.
  2. Grounding: Be mindful of your breathing patterns. As you inhale, fill your lungs (and therefore your entire being) with transformational, constructive energy. As you exhale, press your abdominal muscles inward, imagine that all destrucive forces leave your body.
  3. Connect to the Earth: Imagine yourself with feet sprouting roots into the ground, digging deeper into the Earth as you exhale. Also imagine how this feels, what’s the texture of the Earth around your toes?
  4. Push your energy upwards: Imagine our arms being branches on a tree. Stretch your arms up and outwards and imagine reaching towards the sun’s warmth.
  5. Centering: Connect it all together. Maintain a comfortable sitting position, arms on your lap, and connect the roots with branches. This will leave you centered between the Sky and the Earth.
  6. Finish the meditation: Come back to stillness and open your eyes while visualizing all the energy from the branches and the roots flwoing towards the trunk, your torso.

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