Astrology: The Houses

What role do the houses play in modern astrology?

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The Planets on the horoscope show us WHAT is happening. The houses show us WHERE it happens and the zodiac signs shows us HOW it happens.

The Houses

There are twelve pie-shaped wedges on a horoscope chart. These are the house and they each represent a certain part of your life. There are at times empty houses in a horoscope/natal chart – this only means that those parts of your life will not be as significant as those parts holding planets.

The First House
This house has to do with the way you present yourself to the world – the first impression you make.

The Second House
This house has to do with possessions and values – money, objects and your self-esteem.

The Third House
This is the part of you that relates to the childhood and relationships with siblings. It also governs your neighborhood. This includes all mundane tasks.

The Fourth House
This is the symbolic home; your family and your parents. It also has to do with how you care for your current home. The fourth house also deals with real estate matters and old, hidden memories.

The Fifth House
This house is the playful and relaxed part of you: your hobbies, interests and your creativity. This house also shows your attitudes towards risk and gambling.

The Sixth House
This is the routine side of you. The things you do on a daily basis and how you function. It concerns work but also your pets.

The Seventh House
This is how you refer to one-on-one relationships, like marriage, lovers and enemies.

The Eighth House
This is how you handle extreme situations and emotions. Sex, death and loss.

The Ninth House
This concerns new possibilities. It handles long distance travel, journeys but also higher education and legal matters. Politics, religion and philosophy.

The Tenth House
This house concerns your social status. Everything that everyone else knows and thinks about you – your calling, your career and your standing.

The Eleventh House
This shows how much of a team player you are, also social activities and causes.

The Twelfth House
This is your solitary side. How you deal with your moods and secrecy. This is also the side of you connected to fantasy, dreams and illusions.

Well met,
Raven’s Eye


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