How to: Cast a Magick Circle

A walkthrough of how to cast a magickal circle according to Wiccan/Neopagan tradition.

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This is an easy, step-by-step guide on the topic of and how and why to cast magick circles.

Why cast a magick circle?

A magick circle works as a boundary and an energy container, both protecting the magician and containing the workable energy inside it. The “circle” is actually the form of a sphere, it stretches above the magician and below them – the circle is only formed on the places where the sphere touches the earth. A circle can be drawn symbolically, or have its outlines marked with salt or chalk. The circle should be about 2.5 to 3 meters in a diameter for a solitary practitioner to move about freely.

How to close and open a circle

There are many ways to cast and close a magick circle. Here I present to you a Neopagan version, but feel free to omit and replace parts of the circle casting and closing as you see fit.

  1. Bring all the materials you need for your magickal working into the center of where your circle will be cast, such as an around an altar, and bring in all the candles plus magickal ingredients for the ritual/spell into it.
  2. Start by physically determine your circle, if you want to do it. Mark it by placing stones, salt or chalk the outline. This is completely optional and not mandatory.
  3. Walk around the circle clockwise three times and see in your mind’s eye how you’re drawing the circle, like a string, out from a ritual knife or your index finger. Chant whatever blessing feels good for you.
  4. Beginning invocation of the elements and/or the sprits. Walk around the circle clockwise and stop at each cardinal direction. While lighting a directional candle, recite something like:
    1. “Hail watchtowers of the North, let the spirits of Air (some traditions use Earth) guide me and help me. I welcome you into my circle.”
    2. Repeat this for all four directions, lighting a candle at each cardinal point.
  5. Invoke whatever elements or deities you choose to work with.
  6. Meditate for a while and raise/channel energy within you, or astral travel if that is the main purpose of the ritual. Complete your ritual. Work according to your tradition.
  7. Thank the deities/elements. Also walk around the cardinal points counter-clockwise and thank the elements for their assistance by reciting something like:
    1. “I thank you, Watchtowers of the North; I hereby release the spirits of the Air.”
    2. Repeat this for all directions, snuffing out the candles as you go.
  8. Open the circle by walking it in reverse, counter-clockwise, drawing the energy back into your hand or ritual knife as you go.

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Raven’s Eye


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