Energy Work: Raising and Releasing Energy

How to properly raise energy towards a goal.

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There are several ways to raise and channel energy towards a magickal goal. Here are a few methods to get started.

Raising Energy

  • Power-breathing

Stand firmly with your feet at your hips width. Take a couple of deep breaths, both through your nose and your mouth. Feel yourself inhaling energy, like a vacuum cleaner, with each breath. Direct the energy you inhale to fill every part of your body; start at your feet and work your way up. Keep your mind focused on your magickal intent! When you are experiencing tingling sensations all over, you are ready to release the energy towards your goal.

  • Chanting

Use short, rhythmic passages of poetry or something similar, repeat the syllable AOM or vibrate on a God-name such as THOR or ISIS – whichever name is corresponding to the magickal work at hand. There are also runes that can be vibrated on. Build up energy until you experience vibrating sensations in your chest.

  • Dancing

Start slowly, do the beat of drums, or similar simple arrangements. Increase the tempo and intensity of the dance until a climax is reached. Make sure you’re sweating and really get into it! It can also be very beneficial to combine chanting and dancing.

  • Sexual energy

This is sexually aroused energy. It can be worked with alone via masturbation or worked in a scenario with other participants. Stimulation is added to get close to orgasm but not fully releasing the energy until the appropriate moment.

Releasing Energy

This is the climax of your ritual or magickal work. Work yourself *almost* to exhaustion and perform some sort of physical release while your mind is completely focused towards your goal. Some common forms of release are:

  • Orgasm, if sexually aroused energy is used.
  • Breaking something, to mark the release.
  • Burning something, like a piece of paper with the magickal intent written on it.
  • One final shout can be a good way to finish off a chant.

Don’t forget to ground or meditate for a while when you are done! Also have some cakes and ale, or wine and biscuits – or simply eat and drink a little to replenish some of that energy. And don’t be too alarmed if you experience a light headache or slight nausea, that’s simply a sign of spent energy and should go away once you had a light snack.

I’d love to hear about your favourite way to raise and release energy!

Well met,
Raven’s Eye

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