Witchcraft: Tools and supplies

Here I present some tools and supplies handy to the budding Witch.

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Here are a few basic tools and supplies you might need to practice the Craft. There are of course lots more, depending on tradition and speciality. But this is a good place to start. For Wiccan supplies and tools, check out Wicca: Tools of the Craft.

  • Altar

This is the place for your magickal work. An altar can be as simple or as decorated as you wish. Some Witches work with deities or elements and want to have physical representations of those elements or deities on the altar. Some use a box version; a mobile altar that can be tucked or stored away when not used. Others have permanent altars in their homes. Most of the supplies stated below go on the altar.

  • Candles

You might work with several candles in your spells, so stock up on white regular ones to anoint. Most Witches also have a sacred red candle on the altar to represent the element of Fire and use this candle to light all other candles with. Others (like myself) have a central big votive candle, a source candle, in the center of the altar. This is the candle I use to light all other candles, including the red one representing Fire.

  • Censer

The censer is simply an incense burner. It represents the element of Air.

  • Chalice

The chalice is anything from a very elaborate drinking vessel to a simple cup, designed to hold wine or water. This a representation of the element of Water.

  • Crystals

You might want to work with crystals for correspondences in spells. Crystals in a nice touch but is far from necessary and often quite pricey. I do recommend investing in a quartz crystal as it is a universal crystal that can be found in almost any colour and is used to amplify energies.  Read more about different stones in the Crystal section of my Book of Shadows.

  • Divination tools

Most Witches today use some form of divination tools. Invest in a Rider-Waite or Thoth tarot, or maybe a basic set of runes to get started. Check out my Divination section in my Book of Shadows to learn more.

  • Jars, bottles and bowls

This is to store your magickal ointments, oils, incense, resin and other ingredients you might need.

  • Jewellery

There are many cheap options such as eBay to buy Wiccan or Witchcraft-related jewellery these days. Invest in a small pentagram on a chain and wear it when conducting ritual/magickal work to charge it with energy.

  • Mortar and pestle

This is a stone or metal bowl used to grind herbs or prepare other ingredients such as resin for use in magickal workings. This is used to make your own oils, ointments and incense. Never use the same mortar and pestle as you use for your food since some herbs can be toxic to ingest!

  • Oils

Invest in a few essential oils to consecrate and cleanse items and yourself before magickal work. The oils should be diluted before applied to bare skin. Find more information on essential oils in the Crystals, oils and herbs section in my Book of Shadows.

  • Salt

Symbolizes the element of Earth and can be used to physically draw a magick circle (if your tradition uses circles) or consecrate tools.

Well met,
Raven’s Eye


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