How to: Write a Spell

A quick walkthrough on how to write a spell.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to start writing your own spells.

Why should I write my own spells?

  • For greater chance of success, since it’s fine-tuned to your specific needs
  • To grow as a person, since it’s highly personal to create spells
  • More powerful magick, since it resonates with your entire being

How to write a spell

  1. What do you want? Define a clear goal with your spell. Start by writing down a statement of what you want to achieve. Is money a bit tight? Then you want to focus on perhaps a raise. Do you need to spring clean the altar? Then focus on building a cleansing spell. The spell should have a specific purpose.
  2. Get a pen and a paper. The magick will be stronger when it’s written in your own hand rather than printed out from a computer.
  3. Prepare physically. Assemble what you need for a the spell; check correspondences and act accordingly. For example, a communication spell is associated with Mercury and the day of Wednesday. It also corresponds with yellow, orange, green and white. Perhaps an orange candle could be a part of a communication spell?
  4. Write the spell! This is the trickiest part. Make sure you write it out, step-by-step. Start with circle casting and invoking watchtowers/elements, if that’s part of your tradition. Working with deities? This is the time to invoke them. Then comes the actual spell. A lot of magicians prefer to write chants that rhyme to make them easier to recite and remember. Try to rhyme every other line and see how it works for you. Finish of the spell by some powerful words like “So mote it be” and thanking the elements/watchtowers, the deities and opening the circle.
  5. Work the spell. This is doing the actual magickal work. It may be in the form of an elaborate ritual, or a simple rhyming spell with some incense and a lit candle. However you structure it depends on your tradition. A Neopagan ritual outline is posted on this site, if you need help with structuring a ritual.
  6. Post-process the spell. Write down your experience in a journal or maybe in a Book of Shadows. Make sure you give the spells ways to manifest in the real world, let’s say by going to more social events if making friends is the ultimate goal.
  7. Evaluation. Return to your writings after roughly a month and see what results have been gained. Also, notice if there are things you’d like to change should you want to repeat the spell.

As always, be responsible with all spell-casting. Make sure to take care of your trash such as candles and matches if you perform the spell ourdoors.

Good luck casting!

Well met,
Raven’s Eye

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