How to: Cast a Spell

A short walkthrough of how to cast a spell.

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Note: A lot of magicians and occultists work their magick according to certain correspondences, such as lunar phases, planets and days of the week. They also incorporate certain types of oils, herbs, plants, stones and metal in their magickal workings to maximize their results. Working according to correspondences is highly encouraged, but not at all mandatory.

Part one: Preparation

  1. Prepare your body. Bathe and cleanse, make sure you are fit and rested.
  2. Prepare your mind. Meditate for a while to make sure you’re focused.
  3. Prepare your intent. State your intent in positive form, the things you WANT to acheive. Make it personal, not a simple wish spell.
  4. Prepare your space: Tidy up around the altar or where you will perform the magickal workings.
  5. Prepare your spell: Write your spell and rehearse the recitation. Not sure how to write a spell? Read this before proceeding any further on this page.
  6. Check the correspondences. If you use planetary/lunar timing, make sure it is the right time to perform the magickal work.

Part two: The spellwork

  1. If you follow a tradition where you cast a circle when doing magickal workings, now is the time to cast it (and possibly call the quarters and deities).
  2. Raise energy by your chosen method. As you do this, keep your mind fixed on your intent.
  3. Release the energy towards your intent! This is the climax of the magickal work. If working with sexually aroused energy, this is the time of the orgasm. Do something physically to release the energy, like burning a piece of paper with the intent written on it.
  4. Seal the deal. Finish of the spell by stating “So mote it be!” or something similar.
  5. If you follow a tradition where you’ve previously cast a circle, this is the time to open the circle, but not before thanking whatever elements or deities invoked.

Part three: Aftermath

  1. Record your magickal workings in a journal. This is to be able to look back and see what results you had with a particular work.
  2. Find ways for the magick to work. This is terribly important! For example, if you’ve done magickal work to make new friends, make sure to place yourself in social situations – go to clubs, cafés, museums and so on. Give the magick a chance to manifest.

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