Magickal Health: Protection

How to protect yourself, from a magickal perspective.

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Here I’ll present a few ways to defend yourself from negative mental and spiritual influences. Protection also serves to stop you from exhausting yourself.

First of all: CLEANSE, CLEANSE, CLEANSE. Cleanse yourself, your house, your magickal objects. Do it thoroughly and do it often. This is to keep negative emotions and thoughts from manifesting in your reality.

Secondly: Keep your mind in order. While it’s not as easy as “think happy thoughts”, make sure you stay level-headed and neutral instead of negative when it comes to protection. To keep your sanity in a stressful and negative environment, start practicing mindfulness.

Now, to the actual practices. These can be practiced at any time and the more you practice them, the more they will feel like a natural extension of yourself. The goal is to have the practice placed in the sub-conscious so that it’s working all the time.

The first practice is shielding. It’s a technique where you surround yourself with magickal energy.

  • Visualize yourself as if you’re sitting within a bubble but this bubble around you is constructed of a magickal net.
  • Use your personal energy to power the net.
  • Imagine all the negative energy from the outside getting stuck in the net and being absorbed down into the neutral ground below you.
  • Work on those visualization skills! With enough practice, you will be surrounded and protected in no time.

Another practice worth mentioning is warding.

  • A ward is like a sentry; a shield fixed to a physical place.
  • Create a ward using Earth energy, channel it from the ground below you.
  • Anchor your wards with a physical object, like a stone.
  • This allows you to have your own energy free for shielding and other magickal work.

You can also charge crystals and carry them on your person to avoid negativity and increased protection. Some great crystals for the purpose of protection and cancelling out negativity are: amber, amethyst, hematite, obsidian, onyx, quartz and ruby.

Warding as well as shielding and crystals are passive practices. For more agressive/active magickal defences, refer to my Book of Shadows’ spells section.

Well met,
Raven’s Eye

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