Raven’s Eye is the magickal name of a 30-something female writer residing in Sweden with more than 15 years of solitary experience with magick and neopaganism.


Raven’s Eye started to get involved in neopaganism early 1998 when she was 14 years old. Her first introduction to a magickal life was through the book 21st Century Wicca by Jennifer Hunter, but her interest in the occult had started already when she was 10 and bought her first tarot deck; the classical Rider-Waite Tarot.

Like many other magickal newcomers Raven’s Eye studied and read every book she could find and scanned the internet for useful sites. By random chance she stumbled upon the writer Robert Anton Wilson when she was 16, which quickly lead her down the path of Chaos Magick and she studied the works of authors such as Peter J. Carroll.

Since her early twenties, she’s been performing divinatory readings and guided friends through meditations, all while trying to create a personal path by combining Wicca and general Neopaganism with Chaos Magick (with a dash of Satanism regarding the masculine energy, but that is a whole other blog post).

Nowadays, she lives together with her boyfriend; another student of the occult, although his path is more Luciferian and Thelema-based. Together they create magick, have long discussions of variations of the arts and perform divinatory readings.

Raven’s Eye is currently taking university courses in art history while she freelances in graphic design, web development and photography.