Magickal properties: Essential oils

The use and correspondences of some common essential oils.


Here are some properties of common essential oils. Always remember to dilute your oils before using them on your skin!

  • Apricot Oil: Aphrodisiac.
  • Basil: Sympathy, happiness, money.
  • Benzoin: Increase of power.
  • Bergamot: Money, protection.
  • Black pepper: Protection, courage.
  • Camomile: Meditation, peace.
  • Cardamom: Love, sex.
  • Cedarwood: Enhances sprituality.
  • Cinnamon: Irritant! Money, psychic abilities.
  • Citrus (or lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit): Purification.
  • Clove: Irritant! Courage, protection.
  • Eucalyptus: Purification.
  • Frankincense: Irritant! Spirituality, meditation.
  • Ginger: Love, courage, money.
  • Jasmine: Spirituality, sex, love.
  • Lavender: Health, love, peace.
  • Lotus: Meditiation.
  • Magnolia: Psychic abilities, medititaton.
  • Myrrh: Spritiuality, meditation.
  • Patchouly: Money, sex, personal power.
  • Peppermint: Purification.
  • Pine: Protection, money, healing.
  • Rose: Love, peace, sex.
  • Rosemary: Healing, love.
  • Sandalwood: Meditation, sex, healing.
  • Tonka: Money.
  • Ylang-ylang: Peace, love, sex.


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Witchy FAQ

Some commonly asked questions and their answers.

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about Witchcraft.

Do I need to be Wiccan to start practicing Witchcraft?

No! Wicca is a Neopagan religion with magickal beliefs and witchy elements. Witchcraft is more of a way of life. Read more about the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft. A few other things you might consider:

  • Men and non-binary people are also called Witches.
  • Any religion can practice Witchcraft. You can be a Buddhist or a Christian Witch.
  • On the other hand, you can be a secular or an atheistic Witch.
  • Die-hard environmentalism is not a must – Respect for your surroundings is always good, but you don’t have to be vegan/vegetarian or eat organic to be a Witch.
  • You don’t have to be “Light” only. A Witch can curse and hex if needed since Witches don’t follow any particular moral code.
  • You don’t have to be “Dark” only. A Witch doesn’t have to curse or work shadow magick if they don’t want to.

How do I become a Witch?

First of all, gain some basic knowledge about what Witchcraft is and the different traditions that are out there to see which one seems most natural to you. Secondly, try to get your hand on some basic and cheap beginner tools and supplies. Thirdly: study, study, study. Read about the different parts of the craft. Try your hand at very basic rituals and divination, and do exercises to sharpen the mind. To see progress, keep some sort of magickal journal like a Grimoire or if you choose a more Neopagan/Wiccan path, maybe keep a Book of Shadows. Refer to yourself as a beginner witch for a while, but don’t be intimidated around more experienced witches – ask them questions and gain knowledge from their experiences.

But where do I start with Witchcraft?

Start from right where you are sitting now. There is no “start” to Witchcraft, but there is also no “end”; you are never a fully taught, complete Witch – no matter what tradition you adhere to. So take a deep breath and figure out where you want to go next. A good starting point would be to finish reading this FAQ and then read on for more information on the Craft, spells and divination. Keep searching the web for interesting topics and sites. Keep a Pinterest-board, start a Tumblr and reblog spells and other important information. But do keep your wits with you! Not everything you read on the web is 100% accurate, especially when it comes to the history of modern paganism and witchcraft. If you lean towards Wicca or Neopaganism, I have a recommended reading list. Also, not everything you read will feel right for YOU. And this is the main thing: practice in what manner you see fit.

What is an altar and why do I need one?

Your altar is your magickal workspace. This is the place where you mix your magickal ingredients and honour your deities/elements/whatever you work with. It’s usually decorated to correspond with your personal practice – if you work with certain deities you might have statues personalizing them or maybe objects representing the different elements. The altar should also work as a safe space for you to work your magic around. The altar itself can be kept in the open or portable in a box. It does not have to be anything big or fancy – a bandana as an altar cloth and some candles plus some incense will do just fine.

Do I have to celebrate the Sabbats?

Not at all. The modern eight Sabbats are a Neopagan invention: the pagans of old never celebrated all eight of them in one tradition. To celebrate all eight parts of the Wheel of the Year is a way to attune oneself to the seasonal changes and possibly a way to honour deities and nature, and the Cosmos. It can be done in solitary, or with a clan or a coven. And no, you’re not less of a Witch or a Neopagan if you don’t celebrate every Sabbat.

How long should I study magick before actually performing a spell?

This is highly individualistic. Some prefer to get going right away, and perform their first spell only hours or days after discovering the Craft. My personal recommendation would be to take at the very least a few weeks to study energy manipulation as well as magickal protection before doing any elaborate rituals.

How do I…?

Here are some basic walk-throughs for those completely new to the practical side of the Craft.


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Essential Wiccan Reading Master Post

This is a reading list for the new as well as the more advanced Wiccan. It is also handy for Neopagans and other occultists interested in Wicca and Neopaganism.

This is a reading list for the new as well as the more advanced Wiccan. It is also handy for Neopagans and occultists interested in Wicca and Neopaganism.

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Magickal Properties: Metals

Here are some properties of the most used magickal metals. I have not included mercury since it’s poisonus.

  • Aluminium
    Energy: Projective. Element: Air. Planet: Mercury
    Magickal powers: Mental abilities, travel, images.
  • Brass
    Energy: Projective. Element: Fire. Planet: Sun.
    Magickal powers: Healing, money, wealth, protection.
  • Copper
    Energy: Receptive. Element: Water. Planet: Venus.
    Magickal powers: Healing, luck, love, protection.
  • Gold
    Energy: Projective. Element: Fire. Planet: Sun.
    Magickal powers: Protection, wisdom, money, success.
  • Iron
    Energy: Projective. Element: Fire. Planet: Mars.
    Magickal powers: Protection, defense, strength, grounding.
  • Lead
    Energy: Projective. Element: Earth. Planet: Saturn
    Magickal powers: Divination, protection, defense.
  • Silver
    Energy: Receptive. Element: Moon. Planet: Moon.
    Magickal powers: Invocation, love, psychic abilities, peace, travel.
  • Steel
    Energy: Projective. Element: Fire. Planet: Mars.
    Magickal powers: Protection, sleep, healing.
  • Tin
    Energy: Projective. Element: Air. Planet: Jupiter.
    Magickal Powers: Divination, luck, money.


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Magickal properties: Stones

Stones and their magickal properties in an expansive A-to-Z list

Here are some properties of the most common magickal stones. Stones are delicate and can be harmed by certain elements. Therefore  I’ve included purifying warnings on the stones I have knowledge about.

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Lenormand Cheat Sheet

A Lenormand sheet of correspondences and meanings.

Card Meaning Work/Money Love/Relations Spirit Influence
1. Rider News, updates Change, delivery New relations, new friendship An aha-moment Neutral
2. Clover Luck, happiness A promotion, a lucky win A second chance Find a good-luck talisman Positive
3. Ship Move, travel, departure Business trips, outsourcing A foreign fling, long-distance Mediumship Neutral
4. House Comfort, structure Safe projects, real estate Settling down, family Work on grounding Neutral
5. Tree Health, growth Slow, steady progress Patience, soul mates Reiki or energy work Neutral
6.  Clouds Confusion, instability Unpleasant obstacles Wait for the storm to pass Under the weather Negative
7. Snake Detour, lies, deceit Watch your back Jealousy, betrayal Work the base chakra Negative
8. Coffin Endings, sickness Losing job, losing money Separation, end of the relation Exhaustion Negative
9. Bouquet Gift, help, happy events An attractive offer Satisfaction, happiness Forgiveness Positive
10. Scythe A sharp cut, an accident Resignation A brutal separation Clean your chakras Negative or Neutral
11. Whip Anger, fights, sex, passion Discord, difficult work Tantric sex, passion Work the sacral chakra Negative or Neutral
12. Birds Discussion, dates, visits An interview, a meeting Lovers, dating, phone calls Work the throat chakra Neutral
13. Child Small things, beginnings A new project New relations, baby steps Play and draw Neutral
14. Fox A trap, a warning Be careful, backstabber Dishonesty, manipulation Be honest with yourself Negative or Neutral
15. Bear Something big, going out High position, well paid The mother, strong relations Primal instinct Neutral
16. Stars Hope, calm, success Nightshift, there is hope Falling in love, romantic dates Listen to your heart Positive
17. Stork A move, a change Promotion, incomes Improvement, pregnancy Higher consciousness Positive
18. Dog Friend, loyalty Friendly environment Soul mate, trustful love Spirit guides, animal guides Positive
19. Tower Ego, large scale Government job, elevated Serious relations, also isolation Cultivate a healthy ego Neutral
20. Garden Acquaintances, gatherings Community-work, PR Playing the field, promiscuity Connect with nature Neutral or Positive
21. Mountain Obstacles, challenge Expect some setbacks Stagnant relationship Detox and let go, relax Negative
22. Crossroads A new path, choices Branching out, options Cheating, separation Try something new Neutral
23. Mice Stress, theft, loss Small chores, stressful work Obsession, loss of love Rest, breathe, regroup Negative
Card Meaning Work/Money Love/Relations Spirit Influence
24. Heart Happiness, love, romance Office fling, appreciation Being in love, falling in love Work the heart chakra Positive
25. Ring Union, Commit A merger, a deal Marriage, a tight relationship Union of the opposites Positive
26. Book Study, projects Specialization, research Someone is keeping a secret Listen to your intuition Neutral
27. Letter Information, responses CV, news, announcements News from a loved one Spiritual messages Neutral
28.  Man Querent, if male Male person at work Significant other Connect with male energy Neutral
29. Woman Querent, if female Female person at work Significant other Connect with female energy Neutral
30. Lilies Rest, peace, family Long-lasting, retirement Older romance Meditation and yoga time Neutral
31. Sun Success, climax, aware Recognition, satisfaction Intense and passionate relationship Work the solar plexus chakra Positive
32. Moon Dreams, intuition Inspiration, “dream job” Poetic romance, chemistry Work the third eye chakra Positive or Neutral
33. Key An aha-moment, sign A strategy or plan Open your heart Visions, awareness Positive
34. Fish Go with the flow A positive opportunity A flood of emotions Connect through water Positive or Neutral
35. Anchor Stubborn, grounding Reaching your goal, stability Trust, confidence Stay grounded Positive
36. Cross Burdens, grief, regret Having a heavy load Unhappy relationship Perform rituals and prayers Negative


Lenormand: What is it?

A short article about the use of Lenormand and how it differs from Tarot.

The Lenormand is a set of 36 divination cards, named for Marie Anne Lenormand (1772-1843), with simple images – like the Rider and the Fox – and usually only one meaning. The Tarot has 4 suits and the major trumps; Lenormand makes no such distinctions, all 36 cards are in the same group/category. Whereas Tarot cards can hold different meanings in different readings, Lenormand meanings stay the same. That is to say: Tarot is often metaphorical, Lenormand is more direct.

As opposed to Tarot, the cards are not read individually, but rather in pairs (or even more cards together). This creates a message, almost like a movie, to be studied in order. Lenormand is also more about direct questions; “Will I get a raise this year?” whereas Tarot is often centered around spiritual growth. Don’t get me wrong, Lenormand can be used for spiritual questions as well, but it really shines in the mundane situations.

Another big difference is that there is no reading in reverse. If a Lenormand card is upside-down, it still has the same meaning. This is quite different in Tarot, where a reversed card gets a reversed meaning.

Also, when you study Tarot, a one card reading can suffice. In Lenormand the cards work together in such a way that you require at least two cards. 3 or 5 cards is common – there is even a layout called the Grand Tableau that utilizes all 36 cards to be read together!

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Magickal Health: Protection

How to protect yourself, from a magickal perspective.

Here I’ll present a few ways to defend yourself from negative mental and spiritual influences. Protection also serves to stop you from exhausting yourself.

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Wiccan Holidays

Wiccans, some Witches and Neopagans celebrate what is called the Wheel of the Year; eight sacred days – Sabbats – spread out over the year.

Wiccans, some witches and Neopagans celebrate what is called the Wheel of the Year; eight sacred days – Sabbats – spread out over the year.

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How to: Cast a Spell

A short walkthrough of how to cast a spell.

Note: A lot of magicians and occultists work their magick according to certain correspondences, such as lunar phases, planets and days of the week. They also incorporate certain types of oils, herbs, plants, stones and metal in their magickal workings to maximize their results. Working according to correspondences is highly encouraged, but not at all mandatory.

Part one: Preparation

  1. Prepare your body. Bathe and cleanse, make sure you are fit and rested.
  2. Prepare your mind. Meditate for a while to make sure you’re focused.
  3. Prepare your intent. State your intent in positive form, the things you WANT to acheive. Make it personal, not a simple wish spell.
  4. Prepare your space: Tidy up around the altar or where you will perform the magickal workings.
  5. Prepare your spell: Write your spell and rehearse the recitation. Not sure how to write a spell? Read this before proceeding any further on this page.
  6. Check the correspondences. If you use planetary/lunar timing, make sure it is the right time to perform the magickal work.

Part two: The spellwork

  1. If you follow a tradition where you cast a circle when doing magickal workings, now is the time to cast it (and possibly call the quarters and deities).
  2. Raise energy by your chosen method. As you do this, keep your mind fixed on your intent.
  3. Release the energy towards your intent! This is the climax of the magickal work. If working with sexually aroused energy, this is the time of the orgasm. Do something physically to release the energy, like burning a piece of paper with the intent written on it.
  4. Seal the deal. Finish of the spell by stating “So mote it be!” or something similar.
  5. If you follow a tradition where you’ve previously cast a circle, this is the time to open the circle, but not before thanking whatever elements or deities invoked.

Part three: Aftermath

  1. Record your magickal workings in a journal. This is to be able to look back and see what results you had with a particular work.
  2. Find ways for the magick to work. This is terribly important! For example, if you’ve done magickal work to make new friends, make sure to place yourself in social situations – go to clubs, cafés, museums and so on. Give the magick a chance to manifest.

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