Here are a few passive and active meditation techniques.

Why meditate?

  • Increased self-awareness. Meditation helps you gain clarity in your muddled and hurried thoughts, helping you sorting out the gems from the rubble.
  • Makes you calmer. As you increase your meditation, you will not only increase your self-awareness but also awareness of your surroundings. You will become more of an observer of all the thoughts and emotions running through you, not getting tangled up in those thoughts and emotions as easily anymore.
  • Makes you more present. By practicing meditation, you will automatically practice mindfulness, which helps you become more aware of each moment. It will also be easier to let go of the past and also not worrying as much about the future because of that very reason.
  • Gain inner peace. Meditation is just like cleaning house, it makes the clutter of the mind disapper. You will feel more content with your life, the more you meditate.
  • Can help to cure insomnia. Since meditation helps to clear the clutter in your mind, you might also find it’s easier to fall asleep.
  • Increases inspiration. Meditation can be worked as a brain storming excercise. You will find you become more insightful and easier “connect the dots”, the more you meditate.

The Basics

To get used to the mindset of meditation. Also the most basic forms of meditation that doens’t require you being mentally active as you perform the techniques.

Active Meditation

Active meditation is a little more demanding than passive meditation as it requires you to engage mentally at the same time as you meditate. Instead of practicing on static images or chants, you practice around scenarios – it should feel a bit like acting in a movie.

  • Light meditation – not written by me, can not find the author.
  • Crystal Cave meditation – not written by me, can not find the author.

More meditations to come.

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